Fruit roll ups! Either you love them or hate them and many of you remember how awesome these were when they were in your school lunch. Of course many times they didn't want to peel off the wrapper and your hands got sticky but they were tasty! Kids love them and it's no wonder they do. They are FULL of SUGAR! Years ago they were marketed as "real fruit" but you'd be surprised to learn... Read more →

My new favorite snackie from Thrive Life! Funny how I say this each time I try a new one. Can’t help it, they are all so good! The Strawberry Pina Colada Snackie made me feel like I was off on an island, listening to the waves. Then reality set in. View our Thrive Life Snackie line here. *************************** What's the BEST way to shop for Thrive products? We're excited that you are interested in learning... Read more →

Stuck at work and don't want another burger from a fast food restaurant? Well, you're in for a treat to your tastebuds! You might not be on a Caribbean Island but you will feel like it. The Thrive Island Style Pork is ready in under 15 minutes! Open the bag. IMPORTANT! Remove the oxygen absorber (don't forget this step!) Shake bag and then add ⅓ cup of hot water to bag and stir to combine.... Read more →