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Are Thrive Life's Freeze Dried Foods Gluten Free?

Our Top 10 Freeze Dried Foods From Thrive Life

Our Top 10 Freeze Dried Foods From Thrive Life

You know how you get one of those assignments in school and you don't know where to begin? Well, that was me. 

First I decided to do our top 5 freeze dried foods from Thrive Life. As I stood in front of my food storage area, I knew that wasn't going to happen and I could never narrow it down to 5. Then I said, ok what's our top 10 freeze dried foods from Thrive Life? Well, that wasn't much easier. 

At that point I realized I wasn't going to be able to add fruits in because I'd be doing the top 15. So we narrowed it down to our favorites and those that you could combine into a number of meals by swip-swapping out ingredients.

Watch the video that goes over our top 10 freeze dried foods from Thrive Life below.

So here we go! Our top 15 freeze dried foods from Thrive Life (in no particular order):

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Chopped Chicken!

This had to be first even though I said no particular order because if you've been reading our blog, you know this is the whole reason I found Thrive foods. We were looking for a chicken option that tasted great and wasn't chewy. Also the whole idea about washing, cutting, cooking, and clean up isn't really appealing to either of us. Thrive Chopped Chicken was the answer and remains our favorite food.

You can put Thrive Chopped Chicken into any meal and it also tastes great on top of salads when you want an added protein bonus. Almost all the time, I just toss the chopped chicken into whatever meal I'm making and let it refresh that way. If we are putting it on a salad, we just add enough water to cover it and let it refresh that way. 

Need some inspiration on how to use Thrive Life Chopped Chicken? Click here for recipes. Thrive Life also has 2 other freeze dried chickens available. There is the Thrive Seasoned Chicken Slices and Thrive Grilled Seasoned Chicken. Not sure which one you want? Here's the video comparing the 3 freeze dried chicken options from Thrive Life. Thrive Chopped Chicken also has very low sodium because it isn't preseasoned like the other two Thrive freeze dried chicken options.

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Shredded Cheddar Cheese!

If you grew up in the early 70's, you might remember Time for Timer. My favorite song was his cheese song. If you don't remember it, you can watch "Hanker for a hunk 'o Cheese" on YouTube. You'll thank me later when you can't stop singing the song and be glad I didn't bust out singing it in the video because it's super catchy and fun!

Thrive Shredded Cheddar Cheese made our list because everyone needs some cheese in their life and if you're prepping, you want to make sure you have Thrive Shredded Cheddar Cheese on hand! You can either refresh this prior to using or just toss it into what you're making. If you toss the Thrive Shredded Cheddar Cheese into the meal, it will take a little longer because it has to refresh and then get melty which takes extra time. If you refresh it first, it's a smoother process but if you're like me, I usually just grab what we're having out of the pantry and go from there. 

Another awesome part of Thrive Shredded Cheddar Cheese is that you don't have to worry about mold. If you aren't a huge cheese eater, this is something you may have struggled with in the past. It's terrible sticking your hand in that bag and seeing that mid -way through the bag your cheese has mold. Yucky!

Refreshing Thrive Life Shredded Cheddar Cheese is easy. I have a video that goes over just how easy it is here. We usually refresh a cup and then use as needed throughout the week. Not only does Thrive Shredded Cheddar Cheese taste great as a topping to any meal, don't forget to add it to your salads too. Oh, and that cheese snack? Yup! Thrive Shredded Cheddar Cheese can be snacked on right from the can. A word of advice for those of you that have dogs...once your dog has 1 shred of the cheddar cheese, your can is not safe. When ours sees the Thrive Shredded Cheddar Cheese can, he immediately thinks its for him. You've been warned.

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Red Bell Peppers!

Thrive Life Red Bell Peppers are delish! We're fans of bell peppers and after some nasty bell pepper insides, we new we were done with tossing money in the garbage because we'd cut open a bell pepper and it would be black inside. The outside looked perfect but looks can be deceiving. Again, now we just take what we're going to use and no waste.

Tale of 2 peppers

It was a discussion on whether to choose Thrive Life Red Bell Peppers or Thrive Life Green Bell Peppers. Both are good but the sweetness of the Thrive Red Bell Peppers won out. When you open the can, you'd almost wish it was an air freshener because it smells so good. 

Red Bell Peppers also have some health benefits besides the fact that they taste great. Red Bell Peppers are loaded with antioxidants, promote eye health, and are high in vitamins and minerals. They also are high in Vitamin C and Iron to help with anemia.

Thrive Red Bell Peppers work well with our top 10 freeze dried foods from Thrive Life as a toss into any of the meals. Whether you're adding them to a casserole, stew, a pizza topper, omelette, or snacking out of the can, these Thrive Life Red Bell Peppers are the real deal!

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Mushroom Pieces!

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Mushrooms why did you take so long to enter my life? When I was younger my mom bought canned mushrooms to add to pizza. I always felt that they were a little slimy and never tasted like real mushrooms. Sure they were convenient but for me, it's all about the taste.

If we don't have fresh mushrooms on hand, Thrive Mushroom Pieces are our go to! They are already sliced and of course washed and best of slime. Thrive Mushroom Pieces are a great addition to our top 10 freeze dried foods from Thrive Life!

Toss these into your spaghetti sauce, omelette, soups or even add these as a pizza topper (ditch those canned mushrooms). Don't forget that mushrooms are also high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Onion Slices!

Where do I begin with the Thrive Life Onion Slices? They. Are. Awesome! This is an item we will never be without! Talk about convenience and no more tears all wrapped into one great item. Thrive Life does carry both Thrive Onion Slices and Thrive Chopped Onions.  It was a tough decision if we could only pick 1 but we selected the Thrive Onion Slices. The only reason is that they are larger pieces than the chopped onions. We use both interchangeably and it's really a matter if you want to see the onion slices or if you don't mind that they are very small. You can compare the two in our blog article here.

Do You Love Onions Find Out Which Ones Are The BEST!

Thrive Onion Slices are great for everything! You can toss them into a meal directly to refresh and that means just scoop them out of the can and no more cutting and smelling up your hands and house. In meals where we are making a salad, like tuna salad, we just put them in the bowl and add the tuna, mayo, noodles, peas, corn, and mayo right on top without refreshing first. As I mentioned in the video, they have now become the ultimate helper when we are making Mild Italian Sausage too. 

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Broccoli!

Thrive Life Broccoli is another food that you can add into any of the top we've listed and create a meal. From adding the freeze dried broccoli to omelettes, a chicken dinner or casserole with the ground hamburger, Thrive Broccoli is there for you.

No more wasting because of a super thick stalk that you had to pay for. No more waste because some of the pieces on the stalk turned brown and a little slimy. Best of all, no more cutting which saves you time in the kitchen.

Thrive Life Broccoli

Like many vegetables, broccoli also has health benefits. Broccoli is good for your heart, brain, and healthy digestion. Broccoli also is a nutritional powerhouse with vitamins, minerals, and potent antioxidants. This is why we chose Thrive Life Broccoli to be in our top 10 freeze dried foods from Thrive Life.

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Ground Beef (Hamburger)!

If I knew about Thrive Life Ground Beef when I was younger, I would never have purchased fresh ground beef from the grocery store.  While I like eating ground beef, I've never been excited to prepare it. From unwrapping to frying and chopping it up in small pieces to clean up, I'm not a fan.

However, Thrive Life Ground Beef changed all that! It's in our top 10 freeze dried foods from Thrive Life because you can make so many meals with it and it's already cooked and chopped up in crumbles for ease of use. 

Whether you are making a casserole, adding it as a pizza topper, spaghetti, tacos, or as an addition to your omelette, the Thrive Ground Beef works in any meal. Enjoy the no grease option of freeze dried ground beef.

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Potato Dices!

Having potatoes in the house isn't always the easiest. It never fails that whenever we've bought a bag of potatoes, they start growing eyes before we've used the whole bag. Now we keep Thrive Life Potato Dices handy for any time we want to have potatoes.

Additionally, potatoes help promote a healthy heart and are rich with antioxidants.

Thrive Potato Dices are versatile and you can make hash browns, potato salad, mix them into your scrambled eggs, cook them in your chicken or hamburger meals or have them as a side. Since they have no salt added, you'll want to season them appropriately in the meal you're making. 

Thrive Potato Dices are already washed, peeled and diced into small pieces and ready to be the meal helper when needed.

Our Top 10 Freeze Dried Foods From Thrive Life -

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Tomato Dices!

Thrive Life Tomato Dices are sun-ripened and already diced and ready to use. You can toss these into any meal, they are perfect in omelettes, on top of pizza or even mixed in salsa.

We chose the Thrive Tomato Dices to be part of the top 10 freeze dried foods from Thrive Life because you can use them in pretty much anything you make. 

Also, tomatoes are full of antioxidants, a good source of fiber and high in lycopene, beta carotene, and other phytonutrients. This is an item you want to have in your food storage areas and pantry because of the additional health benefits. 

One tip when using the Thrive Tomato Dices, toss them in last when you can because they refresh quickly.

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Scrambled Egg Mix!

Thrive Life Scrambled Egg Mix are the easiest scrambled eggs you'll ever make! You can check out my video here and see why we love them so much.

As we learned during the past few months, eggs aren't always easy to come by and they certainly aren't getting any cheaper. Eggs are in high demand because they are such an excellent, overall food source and not just for breakfast. Yes, you can make scrambled eggs, an omelette, and pancakes but you can also use them in baking. 

No more worrying about cracked shells or having to keep eggs refrigerated because the Thrive Scrambled Egg Mix has you covered. For a super easy meal refresh some ground beef, onion slices, diced tomatoes and broccoli and egg to your scrambled egg mix. Cook and top with shredded cheddar cheese! Yummy!

There you have it! Our top 10 freeze dried foods from Thrive Life! Here's a recap for easy ordering. Remember to receive the best prices, select Delivery for your order. When your Delivery order is $99 or more, it ships FREE! Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on Thrive Life sales, recipes and kitchen tips.

Our Top 10 Freeze Dried Foods From Thrive Life:

1. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Chopped Chicken

2. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Shredded Cheddar Cheese

3. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Red Bell Peppers

4. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Mushroom Pieces

5. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Onion Slices

6. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Broccoli

7. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Ground Beef (Hamburger)

8. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Potato Dices

9. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Tomato Dices

10. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Scrambled Egg Mix

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Thrive food is different than any other kind you’ll find on the market.

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  • You won’t be thawing, degreasing, or cutting raw meat.
  • You won’t be chopping veggies or washing and peeling fruit.
  • There’s an extra burst of flavor you won’t find anywhere else! Just take a bite!
  • Just toss in any meal or refresh (rehydrate) in warm water.
  • Free of GMOs, preservatives, artificial nonsense and chemical junk
  • The Nutrilock Promise! It's our little secret that makes our food higher in nutrients and freeze-dried fresh all year long. It's a rigorous 41 step process that one we own, and that it takes that wild, naturally ripened food and gently locks in the nutrients and flavor without the use of preservatives. Can the grocery store do that?
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