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Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From? Learn About How Thrive Life Is Keeping It Real.

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When you get a tomato at the grocery store, do you know where it came from? How long did it take to get there? Were chemicals used to create that vibrant red color? Kinda spooky when you think about all the funky things that make that picture-perfect tomato!

We know how important it is to get these questions answered! We work hard to make sure our food comes from growers who share our same passion for nutrient-dense and naturally delicious food. And with our 41-step Nutrilock process, you can rest easy knowing that all of our Nutrilock certified products are always:   

GMO free
Preservative free
Never sourced from countries with questionable food standards
Free of artificial ingredients
Safe Quality Food and USDA certified
Freeze dried to lock in nutrients, flavor, and color

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Are there more sugar and carbs in Freeze Dried foods? 
That’s the beauty of freeze dried food—super sweet with no added sugar! The amount of sugar in a strawberry is the same before and after freeze drying. No more. No less. And all natural baby. 
Are Thrive Life foods artificially ripened?
Thrive Life food is picked at the peak of ripeness from the tree, vine, or ground, gaining more nutrients in those precious last days of ripening. Many grocery store foods are picked early and exposed to toxic ripening agents. 
Are dehydrated or canned foods as good as freeze dried?
Because of the high heat used in canning and dehydrating, loads of nutrients are lost. Freeze drying uses very low heat to gently remove the moisture and retain the nutrients.  
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The Nutrilock™ Difference It’s the reason you’re going to fall in love with this food. We promise.  
More Color. More Flavor. More Nutrients. More Wow!   
Compare a tomato you’ve just plucked off the vine in your garden to the tomato you get from the grocery store in the winter months. The flavor! No comparison, right? Unfortunately, taste is not the only thing lacking in the store tomato. Nutrients! Produce starts losing nutrients soon after being harvested. Don’t be sad. We have a solution. A tasty, beautiful, nutritious solution. It’s what we call the Nutrilock Difference.   
Thrive Life partners with farmers who make quality food their passion! We harvest our produce at its nutritional peak! Not before. Not after. We flash freeze our produce within hours of being picked, typically right on the farm! Freeze drying gently removes moisture from whole foods and locks in nutrients instead of letting them degrade in a truck or train, or even on the grocery store shelf. Our Nutrilock Promise locks in taste and nutrients for a long long time so you don’t have to worry about your food going bad. It’s ready when you are!  
Did you know?  Sensitive nutrients like Vitamin C, degrade in fresh products over time. Flash freezing followed by freeze drying stops this degradation. Grocery store “fresh” pineapple can be 20 days old, traveling thousands of miles to reach your grocery store shelves.
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