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How We Started Prepping On A Smaller Scale

How We Started Prepping On A Smaller Scale

We are not natural born preppers. Some people are, we're not. Up until we became Thrive Life consultants, we had enough food from week to week. Sure, we kept a few extras of noodles or some canned goods that we used a lot but in the case of emergency, we'd be up a creek without a paddle.

We originally found Thrive Life for apples and chicken. We were looking for a better way to have apples readily available that weren't woody or would go bad (or that I had to sort through every one for dents and dings) and to chicken that wasn't stringy. I'm not sure if stringy is the word, maybe chewy is a better description. Plus the whole deal with buying the chicken, washing it, cutting it and cleaning up after wasn't my favorite thing.

After we started buying Thrive Life foods, we realized how convenient it was and how we didn't need to go to the store as often because we could just grab what we needed out of a can. No waste, no chopping, no cleaning, no thawing. It was a HUGE time saver! Ok and I am IN LOVE with the onion options! Both the chopped onions and onion slices have become a staple in our house.

Then we looked at that since we didn't need meats, veggies or fruit as often, what else should we keep on hand. And that my friends is how the smaller scale preppers began.

We don't have massive amounts of supplies but we do have enough that during an emergency or crisis, we're good. I can't tell you the amount of stress it can take off you to be prepared. 

Prepping can be overwhelming and especially if you've been a non-prepper for a long time. Therefore, we started small. Each month we'd shop the Thrive Life monthly delivery specials, take advantage of the Thrive Life credit we'd get from being consultants and the extra money has been a big bonus. 

When we'd go to the grocery store, we then looked at it as how much would I need for at least a month? As long as it was non-perishable, we started buying like we weren't coming back soon. 

We only buy what we eat and use. That's number one. I know a lot of people right now are buying just about anything in site but once this calms down, start stocking up on what you use.

Another tip is to make sure to rotate and use your food storage foods. Even though Thrive Life foods have a shelf life of up to 25 years unopened, the food is really, really good and super convenient to use.

If you're stocking up on canned goods, maybe use a color-coded sticker system so you can easily see what foods you need. Example, say you have been buying tuna. The tuna has multiple dates on it. Maybe some are January 2021, March 2022 and February 2023. Make Red stickers your current year and mark 1/21 (or say 7/21 on items for July) and stick them on the front of the can. Select yellow for 2022 and do the same and so on. This is an easy system that even a previous non-prepper like me can do. 

Since we don't have a ton of extra room and live in Arizona so we don't have a basement, we got shelving units and also use a closet that we just keep odd and end items in.

How We Got Started With Prepping On A Smaller Scale

So, what are some of the items we stocked up to keep in our food storage area? 

From Thrive Life we made sure to have at least 3 unopened cans of each of the meats, fruits and vegetables that we use all the time. With the meats, fruits and veggies we don't use often, we have at least 1 extra unopened can and always shop the specials for those. We have 1 each of the sauces and dairy products. Again, if they are items we use often we have more. We also have a number of snackies, To Gos and seasonings. We have Ruvi too because it's a great drink that's just fruit and vegetables so if you only have water to drink, these packets are PERFECT! Note on the Ruvi: Right now they have at least a 6 month shelf life so this is an item you want to rotate and use. Since Ruvi is a new product, they will be testing it's shelf life as time goes on to see how long it will last unopened.

The following are some items to think of buying extra. Remember, just the ones you know you use. Not the ones that you might use.

  • Canned goods (don't forget tuna, canned chicken or any canned meats that you eat)
  • Crackers
  • Snacks
  • Seasonings
  • Peanut Butter or any nut butter
  • Condiments
  • Quick cook oatmeal
  • Honey or maple syrup
  • Noodles
  • Rice
  • Beans (canned, dried or Thrive Life)
  • Extra supplements if you take them (watch the dates and use)
  • Water
  • Sauces, broths
  • Protein Powder
  • Greens blend (if you're not using Ruvi be sure you have something on hand if you are unable to get fresh veggies)
  • Powdered drinks (we have Thrive Life's lemonade and limeade)
  • Baking supplies if you bake - sugar, flour, vanilla, baking soda, baking powder
  • Paper supplies (yes, toilet paper because you know that's an easy item to rotate lol). If you use paper plates and bowls.
  • Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds
  • Nuts, raisins, sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Peanut butter, nut butters
  • Cooking oils and vinegar
  • Pet Foods, treats and any supplements they take
  • If you have kids, stock up on their favorites and don't forget extra diapers, formula and baby food.
  • If you drink alcohol or soda, have extra so you don't have to run out and get it.
  • Soap (bar soap, laundry soap, hand soap, dishwashing soap)
  • Hand sanitizer or spray
  • Personal care products
  • Cleaning supplies

That should keep you busy for awhile stocking up and have you prepared. I am just so glad we started this journey of small scale prepping and I hope that you find this helpful too. We are a work in prepping progress. You don't have to have a lot of space to keep items like this on hand.

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If you're shopping on a budget, Delivery is great too. Even if your order doesn't qualify for free shipping, you can shop the monthly specials to start building your food storage. Since you can skip any Delivery, another suggestion would be to spend over $99 one month and maybe skip the next so you get the free shipping. If your order is around $80 or $85, what 1 or 2 extra items could you purchase to reach free shipping? Why pay shipping when you can get extra food instead! Sign up for our newsletter so you can receive information on our monthly specials, flash sales and most importantly recipes!! You want to cook easy meals with your foods!!

Always remember: Store what you eat and eat what you store! That's important. Don't spend money stocking up and have the food go bad. As a side bonus, you could become a little healthier choosing to eat at home instead of going out to eat since you have food readily available.

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