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Why Are Thrive Foods So Convenient? Watch The Video.

Why Are Thrive Life Foods So Convenient www.HealthyEasyFood.com

We all love eating, right? Many of us don't like the cooking part which leads to making some not so healthy choices. 

But, what if I could tell you that you can easily make healthy meals quickly? AND not have any waste? AND not go to the grocery store as much as you do?

It's true! In steps, Thrive Life foods! These foods changed my outlook on easy meals. I was not a cooker. I loved to eat but the cooking part was a pain the you know what.

We've been able to enjoy quick, healthy meals and have no waste. Why? Because you just scoop what you need out of the can. If you purchase the Family size cans they save you even more money than the pantry size cans. I have all my favorites in Family size cans and the foods we don't eat as much of in pantry size cans. 

They also have Snackies. Snackies are just that! Convenient bags of snacks in many of our fruits, some vegetables and some combinations of foods. They also have To Go Bowls. To Go Bowls are great for road trips, to keep in the car for when the kids get out of school, for soccer/football/baseball practice, to keep at work, take to the beach, and the list goes on. The To Go Bowls give you an easy way to just add water and enjoy a healthy, hearty snack.

Thrive partners with farmers who make quality food their passion. They harvest the produce at its nutritional peak. Not before and not after. The produce is flash frozen within hours of being picked and typically it's right on the farm. 

The freeze drying process gently removes moisture and locks in nutrients so your food stays naturally preserved instead of decaying on the shelf.

Freeze drying removes 99% of the moisture from food through a process called sublimation. Basically, this means that you can dry a frozen piece of broccoli by turning the ice crystals in the broccoli straight into a gas without melting it first. Feel like a physicist now?

Got it? No pressure. Well, maybe a little. You see, with a little pressure and just a small amount of heat the ice crystals start to break loose. A vacuum then sucks the air out of the freeze dryer to lower the pressure, enabling the ice crystals to turn into water vapor. The water vapor collects on freezing coils and the food is slowly and gently dried over several hours. That's why a freeze dried piece of broccoli still looks like broccoli, instead of a shriveled weed.

Thrive Life Fresher Than Fresh www.HealthyEasyFood.com

Thrive's Nutrilock promise keeps our food fresh as the day it was harvested so you never have to chase expiration dates!

When you open a can of Thrive Life, it’s like you just plucked it from the garden—the flavor is just as vibrant, just as mouth watering as the day it was picked! This is what makes us stand out against the grocery store. The farmers Thrive Life partners with give their food the freedom to grow as nature intended—free of GMOs, preservatives, funky chemicals, or additives, allowing that homegrown flavor to fully develop uninterrupted.

I love watching people take their first bite of a Thrive strawberry! Their eyes pop and their lips turn into a smile as they enjoy this deliciously nutritious berry in a way they’ve never experienced before! While there’s a lot of science and chemistry that goes into our freeze drying process, getting the flavor just right really comes down to one thing...keeping it natural.

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If you're tired of wasting money on food that spoils or making too large of portions, we invite you to try Thrive Life foods! Once you go Thrive, you won't want to go back to the grocery store.