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Thrive Life February Delivery Specials! Save On Chopped Chicken, Pulled Pork, Banana Slices And More!

Thrive Life's February monthly delivery specials are here! Each month Thrive offers specials that are exclusive to our delivery customers. It's easy to take advantage of these. Just check Delivery when completing your order. Then, next month you can choose to shop again (always check the specials), skip that month or even cancel. There are no penalties AND you are getting the very best prices.

Now, let's go over February's Thrive specials!

February Thrive Delivery Specials

Get your health back on track in February with these great deals. Add our top-selling Chopped Chicken into your rotation, loads of healthy fruits & veggies, and easy To-Go’s. Plus adding a Ruvi a day will amp up your 2020 food goals!

Thrive Chopped Chicken

This is my FAVORITE product from Thrive Life - the chopped chicken! It's also the #1 seller! There's no doubt that it shouldn't be because it is ahhhhmazing! Seriously! If you want chicken with no added seasoning, this is your chicken!

I did a video comparing Thrive Life's 3 freeze dried chicken options. The chopped chicken has the smallest pieces of chicken but I love that because it takes hardly any time to refresh. When I toss it into a meal that's already cooking, this refreshes in 5-7 minutes and probably even less than that. It's super easy to add a protein boost to any food you're making. If you want to top your salad with chicken - here you go! Just put it in some hot water for 10-15 minutes and it will be ready. It really depends on how hot the water is so just test it and see if it's already refreshed. Here's the video.

There is no need to chop or thaw. It's ready when you are. 

Looking for chicken recipes? Click here.

Thrive To Go Variety Pack

The Thrive To Go Variety Pack is a special this month!

This pack includes 2 Berry Blast, 2 Tropical Burst & 2 Chicken Salad To Go's.

  • The Berry Blast To Go Bowl contains berries, granola, yogurt, flax seed and whey protein. Take with you anywhere--just add cold water, stir, and eat!


  • The Tropical Burst To Go Bowl contains tropical fruits, coconut, granola, chia seeds and egg white protein. Take with you anywhere--just add cold water, stir, and eat!


  • The Chicken Salad To Go Bowl contains a mix of chopped chicken, celery, and onions. Just add water for a picnic favorite you can enjoy anywhere!

Thrive Pulled Pork and Banana Slices

Thrive's Pulled Pork is another one of our favorites. If you follow this blog, you'll see a number of pulled pork recipes. We used to only eat pulled pork when we went out to eat because I don't have time to make a good pulled pork. Well, we haven't went out for pulled pork since we started using Thrive! It's good and tender and again...easy to use! It's already slow cooked, drained, and pulled to perfection. All you do is add water and heat!

If you're looking for a super quick meal, add some pulled pork to hot water and let refresh. I prefer to simmer my pulled pork in water so it refreshes quicker. Than add your favorite BBQ sauce and BAM! You're ready to eat. Put it on a bun or just eat it straight out of the pan.

Looking for pulled pork recipes? Click here.

Thrive's Banana Slices are great when you're on the go! They are already peeled and sliced and ready to pop in your mouth. No more brown bananas! Yay!!! You can snack on these right out of the can or bake with them. Thrive's food is super versatile and you're in charge.

Ruvi Health Drink from Thrive

Don't miss adding some Thrive Ruvi to your order too! Ruvi is an EASY way to get in your daily servings of fruit and vegetables. Try one of our sample packs or buy an individual flavor. You won't be sorry and your body will thank you for it!

Shop For Thrive Life Foods

Check out ALL of February's delivery specials and save! Just click on Shop and then the Monthly specials. We've also got blackberries, sweet corn and zucchini on special this month as well as the Pulled Pork Chef Pack! 

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