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One Pot Chicken  Veggie and Potato Stew Recipe

Sometimes the weather is chilly and you just want a hearty meal. Other times you just want a hearty meal for no reason. No matter when you decide to eat this one, it leaves you feeling full and satisfied.

I used Thrive Life foods for this recipe because it's so easy to cook with them. There's no fuss, no mess, no real thinking - just toss everything into the pan and cook. 

Honestly, even going to fast food isn't that easy! You have to get in your car, wait in line to order it, drive home and then eat cold food. 

In the time that took you, you could be eating a nutritious meal without a ton of salt. If you've been following our blog, I'm all about reducing sodium contents on meals as much as possible. Initially you may say a recipe lacks flavor but as you start to follow a low sodium diet, your taste buds start to change. They change so much that when you do eat a high sodium meal, you feel it immediately.

Chicken Veggie and Potato Stew

For this recipe, I went with 1/2 cup seasoned chicken slices and 1/2 cup chopped chicken. The seasoned chicken slices are bigger (as you can see in the pictures) and are seasoned. If sodium isn't your issue, I'd go with the seasoned chicken slices. If you're looking to reduce your sodium content or are on a low sodium diet, then choose the chopped chicken. The chopped chicken isn't seasoned and is very low sodium. It is smaller pieces so you're not going to have a meal that looks like the one above. But hey, it all goes into the same place, right?

Recipe for Chicken  Veggie and Potato Stew

On the subject of low sodium, I also went with Sodium Free chicken bouillon by Herb-Ox. It's gluten free, no MSG and sodium free. Some might say...isn't the whole point of using chicken bouillon to add flavor? We didn't feel it lacked any flavor and is definitely a heart healthy item. If you're one of those lucky people who doesn't need to be concerned about sodium levels, then Thrive chicken bouillon is awesome! It lasts a long time and is vegetarian which is a bonus for those of you following a vegetarian diet. The recipe below can be made without chicken and use Thrive's chicken bouillon to turn it into a meatless Monday meal or a hearty veggie stew.

Low Sodium Chicken  Veggie and Potato Stew

I love using Thrive Life foods because of the fact that I have little waste. As I tweak recipes I can make sure that we don't have leftovers or a serving that was too big. When servings are too big you feel obligated to "finish your plate." I've been there and the benefit of a smaller serving size is that you can still "finish your plate" and maintain a healthy weight!

Chicken  Veggie and Potato Stew Recipe from

Let's talk about onions! There was a time that I just said no to onions because I despised chopping them. It left my eyes hurting and my hands smelly. It also left the house smelling on onions and if we forgot to take the garbage out...oh my! The next morning was dreadful. Can you feel me?

Thrive has chopped onions and onion slices. The chopped onions are very small and are great for a lot of recipes that you don't want an actual slice.  The onion slices are bigger and are great for meals like fajitas.

Chicken  Veggie and Potato Stew from

You'll also see smaller squared chunks and a little larger squares. The smaller square chunks are the diced potatoes.  Super easy to use in a pinch and quick to cook. No peeling or chopping, again just toss and cook. The larger squared chunks are the butternut squash.  The butternut squash is a delicate food. If you're looking to make mashed squash you'll have no problem with this. There also can be some leftover butternut squash powder in the can. If there is, just toss it into your meal.

One Pot Chicken  Veggie and Potato Stew Recipe from

We used "all the feels" in this one - carrots, peas, corn and green beans. The carrots are more like slivers which is perfect for me because I'm not a cooked bulky carrot eater. I love fresh carrots but once they are cooked, I prefer them to be smaller. One Pot Chicken  Veggie and Potato Stew

One Pot Chicken, Veggie and Potato Stew Recipe



Toss everything into the pan, stir, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Let sit covered for 5 minutes. Top with Thrive chives and Thrive parsley. Serve.

One Pot Chicken  Veggie And Potato Stew

I told you it was easy, didn't I? A note about the water, you may use less or more. When using Thrive Life freeze dried foods, always watch the water content of your meal. you want to make sure that everything has enough water to refresh or rehydrate your food. If you skimp on water, you could find some of the foods hard or crunchy. If you find you've added too much water, uncovered and simmer and let the water evaporate out. Chicken  Veggie and Potato Stew

Thrive Life recently discontinued the tomato powder. It was one of my favorite products because you can use tomato powder for literally any recipe that you would use tomato sauce or paste. You just adjust the water when you are using it. Since then I've had to seek out a new tomato powder. I'm going with this one and it's been working well. 

For my low sodium friends, you want tomato powder in your life. If you've looked at commercial spaghetti sauces and their sodium content, you know what I've talking about!

Chicken Potato and Veggie Stew

Enjoy the meal and here's to quick, healthy and easy cooking!

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