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Thrive Life Back To School Sale August 7 - 12! Save Up To 50% Off Thrive Life Food!

Thrive normally only does a BIG sale in the Spring and during Black Friday, so I am pleasantly surprised that we are having a pretty darn good sale THIS MONTH. Shelves are on sale, Simple Plates are all 25% off, and there are some of my favorites foods on sale for 50% off! If you're a Thrive Life Consultant, like us, you get to shop the sale 1 day early. I stocked up on our favorites and took advantage of August's sales too. When you order on our Delivery service, you receive free shipping when your order is $100 or more! 

I know the prices can be a little tough to read. If it's before the sale and you would like to know a specific price, either send me a message here or through our Facebook page.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter too! You'll be notified first of sales and can plan your orders around them. It's a great way to shop for healthy, freeze dried food that is an excellent addition to your daily cooking or your food storage area. Thrive Life foods are GMO free, many are gluten free (shop the list here) and have a shelf life with an unopened can of 25 years.

Shop The Thrive Life Back To School Sale Directly Here!!


When the sale begins, shop this link to go directly to sales items!




Here are just some of the foods you can save BIG on during the Thrive Life Back to School sale!

Thrive green beans are 50% off retail! Think about the holiday's coming up and delicious green bean casserole. Yummy! Thrive green beans also make an excellent side dish as well as tossing them into any meal. 

Let's not forget our furry friends. This is one of Rio's favorite toppers for his food. Missed our pet food toppers and gravies post? Click here.

Thrive Life Green Beans on sale

Peaches! Delicious Thrive peach slices make a great snack during or after school. These are a hit when your kiddo sees them in their backpack. 

Thrive Peach slices are on sale

While Thrive asparagus doesn't seem like a back to school item, just think about how easy it makes your life when cooking asparagus and therefore that's more time to help the kiddos with homework or take them to soccer practice. You won't have to clean or chop this asparagus and it cooks quickly when tossed into meals.

We just made a Beef Veggie Skillet Meal in a Jar the other day. It's a great way if you have a non-asparagus lover in your house to turn them into a liker.  

Thrive asparagus is on sale

Thrive Sausage Crumbles are 25% off! No more cooking, draining grease and cleaning up the mess. This makes life and cooking easy. These also taste fabulous just topped with our cheddar cheese and makes a nice little snack. Be sure to refresh your cheese first. Here's our video and bonus...Thrive shredded cheddar cheese is on sale this month too!

Don't forget to pick up the new Sausage Scramble To Go Bowl! It's first day available is today!!! This is a breakfast game changer folks. You have breakfast ready in a bowl and again, no need for the fast food drive-thru. This is ready in as little time as 6 minutes if you're using a microwave (1 minute cook and let sit for 5) and 12-15 if you're on the go without microwave capabilities.

Thrive sausage crumbles are 25% off

Let's not forget our Simple Plates! They make dinner super easy when you're short on time. Back from a late soccer practice? Trying to get to dance rehearsal on time? Late night at the office? No need for a fast food stop. Simple Plate is here for you! 

All Thrive Simple Plates are 25% off during the Back to School sale! WOW!! These are going to go quick because that is a super deal. Also, any of our discontinued items are 40% off. 

You don't want to miss out.

All Simple Plates are on sale

Shop The Thrive Life Back To School Sale Directly Here!!

If you want to host a quick Facebook party during this sale or have an August date in mind, contact us. It's a great way to get Thrive food FREE! See the benefits here.


What's the BEST way to shop for Thrive products?

We're excited that you are interested in learning more about Thrive Foods and how you can use them in your everyday cooking to save time and money in the kitchen and also have food on hand for emergencies. Here are 3 ways you can buy Thrive and know you are getting the best deals:

  1. Shop our Consultant Website: This way you will save huge off retail pricing by shopping with us as your consultants. By joining our list you'll receive a temporary password but you can shop ANY TIME and get wholesale prices by visiting 
  2. Join the Thrive Delivery Service: Get the BEST prices on Thrive, sent to your doorstep, at a budget you can afford every single month. Choose from hundreds of ingredients or meals, schedule your delivery, cancel or skip anytime. We'll remind you of what's coming before each order so you can change it if you'd like. You'll also receive monthly coupons for specials only available to our Delivery Service customers. PLUS you receive FREE SHIPPING on Deliveries $100 or more! Be sure to activate your order. If you would like it to process today, after you select a date, go back into your Delivery and click on Ship Now. Not ready to set up a Delivery? No problem! You can still place individual orders. When you shop through our Thrive Life website, you'll receive our wholesale pricing.
  3. Become a Consultant: Earn commission and free food benefits off your OWN purchases and when you tell your family and friends about Thrive. There are no mandatory sales quotas. You select one of our Consultant kits to get started. Learn more about being a Thrive Life Consultant here.

Free Shipping on Deliveries of 100 or more