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Is There Any Easy Way To Clean Green Beans?

Country kids worst nightmare

I saw this meme and literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD! Now I wasn't a country kid growing up but I was a kid whose mom had an amazing garden every summer. Even though every year she thought she scaled the number of green bean plants down, we still had a MILLION green beans! No kidding! If you ever had the pleasure of cleaning them as a child or maybe you still clean them, you know what I'm talking about.

We would go to the garden and bring back a huge bag full. It never failed, you never just picked "a few." Then, it started, the cleaning. Snapping off every end until it seemed like your hands were going to fall off.  

Yep. Don't miss it one bit.

It seems to take forever! Plus mom always said...take a little as you can off because we don't want waste. 

Well, my friends, I have the answer to making your life and my life A LOT easier! Thrive freeze dried green beans!


Once you go Thrive green beans, you won't go back. These green beans are picked at their nutritional peak...not before and not after. Then they are flash frozen within a few hours of picking and that typically occurs right on the farm. The freeze dry process gently removes the moisture and locks in nutrients so your food stays naturally preserved instead of losing nutrients and decaying within a few days. 

This was the biggest problem when my mom had her garden. There was only so many green beans that we could eat right away. Yes, she would freeze some and can some but that time our electricity went out was AWFUL. If you've ever had a freezer full of frozen fruit, veggies and meat you know the feeling. Ok, and the smell. The smell that hits you when you open the freezer and everything is thawed and rotten. I will never forget that and to this day we don't keep a lot in our freezer because power outtages happen and that extra freezer that is so very helpful can decide to die without you checking on it for a few days.

For me, I'm not a canning person. I did tomatoes a few times when I was younger but it's just too much work and time. I'd rather be out hiking (and did I mention how convenient Thrive snackies are for hiking) or just enjoying a walk with our dog.

So, back to Thrive green beans. I don't suggest eating these straight out of the can. I tried that because most of the foods I do eat right out of the can. For these, be sure to refresh in either some warm water or toss them into whatever you're making. They refresh quick if you are adding them to what you are making and don't need much time. If you're refreshing in water first, that can take about 15-20 minutes.

Here's what they look like straight out of the can...

Green Beans Thrive Life

You know what the first thing I noticed is? They're already cleaned! I don't have to spend hours snapping off the ends. Yay!! 

Try our Steamed Red Peppers and Green Bean Side Dish.

Were you assigned green bean cleaning duty when you were younger? Try them and let me know how much you loved their convenience and the first way you used them. Drop a comment below. 


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