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3 Freeze Dried Chicken Choices From Thrive Life To Save You Time In The Kitchen

3 Freeze Dried Chicken Choices From Thrive Life To Save You Time In The Kitchen

Saving time in the kitchen is HUGE! If you're like me, you want to eat healthier but not spend a lot of time cooking. 

It can be tough! Thrive Life offers 3 freeze dried chicken choices that will make your life easier. Well, at least your cooking easier. You'll be able to create healthy meals all without the hassle and mess of raw chicken.

As I mentioned in the video, the chopped chicken is our favorite. It comes in smaller pieces and for anyone concerned with their sodium intake, I recommend the chopped chicken since it's not pre-seasoned. Thrive Chopped Chicken is made exclusively from white meat. We purchase it in the family size can which contains 23 servings. The pantry can contains 7 servings and is great if you don't eat a lot of chicken or you're trying it for the first time. You can purchase the Thrive Chopped Chicken here.

Next we have Thrive Seasoned Chicken Slices. These are larger chicken chunks and are already seasoned. Thrive Sliced Chicken is made from strips of whole chicken breasts that have been freeze-dried to lock in the fresh taste and nutrients for years to come. Thrive Sliced Chicken is cut into strips that are just the right size for using in fajitas, salads, pasta, and all your other favorite recipes. The family size can contains 22 servings and the pantry can contains 7 servings. You can purchase the Thrive Sliced Chicken here.

Lastly we have Thrive Grilled Seasoned Chicken and when you open this can, they BBQ smell hits you right away. They have a smoky grilled flavor and are already seasoned. The grilled seasoned chicken is breast meat strips with rib meat. The family size can contains 23 servings and the pantry size can contains 6 servings. These are larger chunks just like the seasoned chicken slices. You can purchase the Thrive Grilled Seasoned Chicken here.

All of our chicken options are certified gluten free, contain no GMOs, artificial colors or flavors. You can either refresh them in water prior to adding to your meal if you are making a salad, or you can just toss in and start refreshing while they are cooking in your sauce. 

We suggest that if you are refreshing in water, to use warm to hot water to refresh.

NOVEMBER 17, 2020 UPDATE: As you know, we're always looking for ways to improve our ingredients. One thing we have tested over and over is the size of our Chopped Chicken. We've decided to go with a slightly larger dice and we think you'll love it. It refreshes the same, but the biggest difference you'll notice is in the bottom of the can. There will be less powder with this size than there currently is. Not that powder is a bad thing. That's how we make our gravy, right?

We hope you enjoy the larger size!

3 Freeze Dried Chicken Choices From Thrive Life To Save You Time In The Kitchen -

Drop a comment with which chicken option you tried first?

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Why use Thrive Life freeze dried foods?

Thrive food is different than any other kind you’ll find on the market.

  • These foods won’t spoil in a few days…or even a few weeks. They’re good.
  • You won’t be thawing, degreasing, or cutting raw meat.
  • You won’t be chopping veggies or washing and peeling fruit.
  • There’s an extra burst of flavor you won’t find anywhere else! Just take a bite!
  • Just toss in any meal or refresh (rehydrate) in warm water.
  • Free of GMOs, preservatives, artificial nonsense and chemical junk
  • The Nutrilock Promise! It's our little secret that makes our food higher in nutrients and freeze-dried fresh all year long. It's a rigorous 41 step process that one we own, and that it takes that wild, naturally ripened food and gently locks in the nutrients and flavor without the use of preservatives. Can the grocery store do that?
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