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What Is The Best Way To Shop For Thrive Life Foods, Meals And Snacks And Get FREE Shipping?

We get asked this all the time... What's the best way to shop for Thrive Life products? Is there free shipping on my Thrive Life purchases?

What is the best way to shop for Thrive Life and receive free shipping www.HealthyEasyFood.com

Most importantly, you'll want to make sure you are shopping through our Thrive Life website so you receive our lowest pricing. You'll see our smiling faces so you'll know you're on our site. If you shop through the main corporate site, you'll be paying retail pricing. When you shop through our Thrive Life website, you'll receive our Preferred Customer pricing.

We can also set up a Preferred Customer account for you. We would need your full name and email address. Send us a message. You'll receive an email with a link and temporary password good for 24 hours. Please make sure to log in during that time and update with your own password. Then you'll be ready to shop!

There are 3 ways to shop for Thrive Life products:

Option 1

You just want a few items to try and aren't ready to set up our Delivery Service. No problem! You can place individual orders without setting up a Delivery but you'll want to make sure that you are shopping through our Thrive Life website so you'll receive our Preferred Customer pricing. You'll see our name at the top as your consultants (Lisa and Rich Jelinek). This does not include a free shipping option.

Don't know where to start? Our Thrive Life Chefs Packs provide you with the ingredients and recipes! We have 3 to choose from: Southwest Chicken Chef Pack, Ground Beef Chef Pack and Pulled Pork Chef Pack. We also suggest to start with some Snackies, To Go foods or our Simple Plates meals.

Option 2

Our best option is to set up Delivery Service. Choose from hundreds of ingredients or meals, schedule your delivery, cancel or skip anytime. We'll remind you of what's coming before each order so you can change it if you'd like. You'll also receive monthly coupons for specials only available to our Delivery Service customers. PLUS you receive FREE SHIPPING on Deliveries $100 or more! insert clapping Who doesn't like free shipping? 

When you set up your first Thrive Life Delivery, you'll also save a total of 20% off your first order! You'll receive the 15% discount from shopping on our website plus you'll receive another 5% off that first delivery.

This option is great because you can start to swap out the items you normally buy at the store and start saving money because with Thrive Life there is zero waste! 

Be sure to activate your Thrive Life Delivery. If you're not sure, please contact us so we can check. You will select a date to start your Delivery. You can choose the following day and then go back and click Ship Now.

Not sure what to select for your first Delivery? Click here for some ready to go packages. You can also customize your order and here's some additional suggestions. Our Thrive Life Chefs Packs provide you with the ingredients and recipes! We have 3 to choose from: Southwest Chicken Chef Pack, Ground Beef Chef Pack and Pulled Pork Chef Pack. We also suggest to start with some Snackies, To Go foods or our Simple Plates meals. **Remember, you receive FREE shipping for Deliveries $100 or more!

How Thrive Lifes Delivery Service Works www.HealthyEasyFood.com

Option 3

Here's our favorite option - Become a Thrive Life Consultant! This gives you all the benefits of being a Delivery Service customer AND you can earn a commission on your own purchases. There aren't mandatory sales goals and there are only 2 requirements:

Purchase one of our Thrive Life Consultant Starter Kits

Set up a $50 (subtotal) or more Delivery and have that process at least 1 time every 6 months to stay active. If you are recommending the products to others, you will want your Delivery for $50 or more to process monthly so you can earn commissions. I know that part can be a little confusing so don't hesitate to ask us any questions. We're here to help whether you just want to earn some money back from your own orders or build a Thrive Life business. Easy Peasy! 

All of our Thrive Life Starter Kits are gluten free and there is a Vegetarian option too. 

If you decide that you want to work the business side of Thrive Life, they have an amazing Fast Track program for your first 100 days as a consultant. 

Thrive Life Consultant Starter Kit Options www.HealthyEasyFood.com

More Tips:

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Sign up for our newsletter and receive monthly specials, flash sales and recipes!

Host a Thrive Life tasting/online party! You can receive free and 1/2 off food!

Thrive Life Nutrilock Difference www.HealthyEasyFood.com

More Color, More Flavor, More Nutrients, More WOW!


    Vitamins and nutrients are locked in, so your food stays fresh.

    Flavorful berries, peaches, and bell peppers as ripe as the day they were picked.

    No mold or slimy mushrooms. Freeze dried food stays fresh without preservatives!

    No more washing, peeling, chopping, thawing..the list goes on. Bye, bye prep time.

    Maybe we'll coin that. No more letting your food (and $) go to waste.

Shop for your Thrive Life products here.


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