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Easy Dog Food Toppings And Gravy Mix-Ins Recipes And Video

Toppings and Gravy for dog food

These toppings and gravy mix-ins will have your pup drooling and wondering when the next meal is.

We've found that the convenience of blending our Thrive Life freeze-dried foods into toppings and gravy mix-ins has been great because we can make several different batches and switch them out each day. It's also just whole foods. Nothing added, GMO free, no preservatives or artificial junk. Thrive Life foods have an excellent shelf life so you don't have to be concerned with a fridge full of foods going bad. 

These are perfect to take with you traveling too! Some dogs get a little stressed on the road and don't want to eat. Just take along some of their favorite topping and you're good to go!

What if your pup is staying at home with a pet sitter or is at the boarding kennel? This is EASY PEASY for them too because they can scoop a little out of your mason jar. This will ensure that your pup is getting exactly what you want without having the pet sitter or boarding kennel have to make an elaborate meal.

The dog food we use has never been recalled and the food is shipped to us within 4-6 weeks of being made. We've been using it for 16 years and our dogs have always loved it.

If you're a raw feeder, these toppings and gravy mix-ins are great to switch things up and you won't have to worry about having fresh veggies available because ours is freeze dried fresh with zero waste. If you're traveling, it's not always convenient to bring raw meat and veggies along. Instead, take some of our Thrive Life foods and just refresh before serving! Refreshing is just adding your foods to water to let them come back to their original state.

Did I mention that Thrive Life foods make great dog treats too? Whether you're choosing a meat or a veggie, your dog will be begging for more. Rio really is on a green pea kick right now. He likes them straight out of the can and feels like he's getting tons of treats, even though it's just a few green peas. Between Thrive green peas, Thrive chopped chicken and Thrive cheese he waits for the can to open! We also don't refresh the cheese when we give it to him as a treat.

Here's a few examples of toppings we make. Some days we just sprinkle it on dry and other times we add a little water and make a gravy. It keeps Rio guessing as to what's in store for his next meal.

The one below is super easy. It's just Thrive chopped chicken and Thrive green beans. I tossed a 1/2 cup of each in the blender and in less than 30 seconds, we had a tasty and healthy topping for dog food. In the picture it's dry and sprinkled over the top of his food. Other days I'll toss a tablespoon of water on it or add some water in a small dish to make a gravy.

Dog Food Toppings and Gravy

Here's more suggestions for dog food toppings and gravy mix-ins. Just toss the ingredients into the blender and make a powder. Then store in a mason jar and use.

1 cup Thrive chopped chicken, 1/4 cup Thrive green peas, and 1/4 cup Thrive blueberries.

1/2 cup Thrive chopped chicken, 1/4 cup Thrive green beans, 1/4 cup Thrive apples, 1/4 cup Thrive blueberries

1/4 cup Thrive green beans, 1/4 cup Thrive carrots, 1/4 cup Thrive apples

1/4 cup Thrive cheddar cheese, 1/4 cup Thrive scrambled egg mix

You'll have fun and start experimenting with Thrive Life foods to create your own dog food topping or gravy masterpiece. When making your dog food toppings and gravy mix-ins, you don't have to be concerned with waste or spoilage. Your dog will experience the joy of a Thriving life! 

If you've tried any of our dog food toppers or created your own, leave us a comment and let us know what your pup loves.


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