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Thrive Life May Specials!

Thrive Life May Specials

Thrive Life's May specials are here! This month the Thrive specials include 2 of my FAVVVVVORITE items - Fuji apple slices and chopped chicken.

Why are Thrive Life's Fuji apple slices and chopped chicken my fav?

I used to go to the store and get apple anxiety. Seriously folks, it's a thing and I have it. I would look over each apple and painfully try and find an apple that wasn't bruised, mushy, had dinks and dunks all over it and HOPE that when I got it home it would taste great.

Since I despise grocery shopping, I would try and select 6-7 good apples that would last the week. That, by itself, was usually a very tough feat to accomplish. My husband would come over after he was finished with his banana anxiety (yep, it's a real thing too) and he knew my pain. Bananas are just as bad as apples because many times they are either not ripe enough or too ripe and trying to find the perfect group of bananas is...well...just bananas!

That's where Thrive Life takes your fruit and veggie anxiety buying away! Another HUGE benefit - no waste! I can't tell you how many apples tasted "woody" or went rotten within the few days we had them. It was a huge problem because we really love our fruits and veggies. 

THRIVE foods keep their fresh taste and nutrients better than their produce aisle counterparts, and they aren’t full of harmful additives and preservatives. You can rest easy knowing that THRIVE is the healthy choice for your family. If you don’t think freeze dried foods compare to fresh, think again! The natural taste and nutrition of our foods are preserved during the freeze drying process. While fresh foods start losing flavor and nutrients the moment they’re picked, THRIVE stays healthy and fresh-tasting for years to come.

Now to the reason why we LOVE Thrive Life's chopped chicken. First, it's not chewy. We've purchased so many varieties of chicken from the store - fresh, frozen, pre-sliced, etc. and always seems to have that chewy texture. We would buy chicken breasts and you could just tell when you were cooking them that they weren't going to be right. I never have that problem at a restaurant but restaurant food isn't all that good for you. Second, it's low in sodium and that's important to me. I'll get into that in another post but it's one thing I watch for. Third, it's EASY to use! Yes, just add a 1/2 cup of warm water to a cup of chicken and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Or, toss in any dish and let it cook that way. No more chopping and then having to make sure everything is super clean because you had raw chicken on it.

With Thrive's May specials, you can make a hearty, healthy chicken noodle soup and then have a delicious dessert like apple cobbler or blueberry cobbler. We'll have those recipes in our group so when you purchase from us, you'll have access to it.


Thrive Life's May Specials

Here are a few of the items that are on sale this month. Don't forget that when you order through Delivery Service, you can receive free shipping on orders over $100! Save money while eating healthy and simple meals!

I do want to mention that our freeze dried blackberries and small diced beef are specials that are only for our Delivery Service customers. The other items can be selected as a 1 time order if you'd like to just try them or stock up.

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Blackberries On Sale

Thrive Life's Diced Beef On Sale

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Fuji Apples on Sale

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