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Tuscan-Style Beef Pappardelle Ready In Under 25 Minutes!

Take Yourself On A Caribbean Getaway In Less Than 15 Minutes With Island Style Pork

Island Style Pork

Stuck at work and don't want another burger from a fast food restaurant? Well, you're in for a treat to your tastebuds! You might not be on a Caribbean Island but you will feel like it.

 The Thrive Island Style Pork is ready in under 15 minutes!

  1. Open the bag.
  2. IMPORTANT! Remove the oxygen absorber (don't forget this step!)
  3. Shake bag and then add ⅓ cup of hot water to
    bag and stir to combine.
  4. Seal bag and let sit for 10–15 minutes, massaging bag
    occasionally. Stir again and add more water if needed.

Boom! You're done and ready to eat! We prefer to eat this straight out of the bag but it's delicious if you pile it on a bun or pour over rice.

Since we're at home when eating this, we add pretty hot water and ours is ready in about 7-8 minutes. If you're in an area that doesn't have hot water and you are using warm water, it will probably take closer to 15 minutes to refresh everything. Just try it and see.

The Island Style Pork is tender and tangy and with this handy To Go pouch, it makes lunch or a snack easy and delicious! If you're going out camping, take a few To Go pouches with you for easy foods while you're enjoying the outdoors.

Prefer a larger serving or want to make your own? Grab one of our our Thrive Life Pulled Pork pantry cans or family sized cans. This allows you to be creative and add what you'd like. The proteins are already cooked, so you just need to refresh with water or toss into any creation and let it refresh while cooking.

Thrive Life Pulled Pork Chef Pack

Wondering what’s for dinner? Get the Pulled Pork Chef Pack with 7 chef-crafted recipes that can be whipped up in under 30 minutes! Your pack includes all the Thrive Life ingredients you need to make these recipes: 

  • Sweet and Sour Pulled Pork with Rice
  • Open-Faced Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Pulled Pork Shepherd's Pie
  • Pork Chile Verde
  • Spanish Rice
  • Steamed Green Beans with Red Peppers
  • Loaded Mashed Potatoes

The following Thrive Life pantry cans are included in your pack:

  • Pulled Pork (FD)
  • Onion Slices (FD)
  • Red Bell Peppers (FD)
  • Green Chili Peppers (FD)
  • Green Beans (FD)
  • Espagnole (Savory Beef Gravy)
  • Country White Dough Mix
  • Instant White Rice
  • Mashed Potatoes

Items in this pack are recipe-based; however, based on availability, some products may be replaced with comparable items that can still be used in the recipes (i.e. replacing onion slices with chopped onions). 

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