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Do You Hate Chopping Onions? Now You Don't Have To!

Onions! Sometimes just seeing the word onions in a recipe made me want to cry. Even though we love onions, some days we would just skip adding onions to a meal because I didn't want to peel and chop them and know that my hands would smell like onions for the next few hours.

Onion lovers, guess what? Thrive Life has a better way! Freeze dried chopped onions that will make you smile instead of cry.

Never be without onions and they'll always be waiting for you to use them in the next recipe. That's only great thing, when a recipe calls for a 1/2 onion, you have to store that remaining onion until next time. Now you don't! 

Make you life easier and your meals tasty! Purchase your Thrive Life Freeze Dried Chopped Onions here.

Thrive Life Chopped Onion Benefits

Thrive freeze-dried Chopped Onions come diced and ready to use in your favorite dishes. Thrive Chopped Onions will give a boost of delicious flavor to any of your home-cooked meals.

Include Thrive Chopped Onions in your everyday home cooking, and you will create savory meals that have the added benefits of a vitamin C and dietary fiber. Thrive Chopped Onions are perfect for flavoring warm soups, baked casseroles, spicy salsas, and many more of your favorite dishes.

  •  Certified gluten-free
  •  NO GMOs: no bioengineered ingredients
  •  NO artificial colors or flavors


  • These thin slices are ideal for pizza toppings, adding flavor to sauces, or sauteing and topping steaks and burgers.
  • When adding to a sauce or veggie mixture, cook them dry in a little butter before adding other ingredients to bring out the flavor better.

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