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Are You Tired Of Paying For The Broccoli Stalk And Lost Nutrients?

I was at the store today in the produce section and walked over to the broccoli. 🥦 The broccoli florets crown portion was already kinda rubbery and the stalks were HUGE! You're paying per pound and the part you would toss in the garbage is most of that. 
Did you know that most “fresh” produce travels an average of 2,000 miles to get to your grocery store? It makes me wonder how old the broccoli I was looking at actually was. Just thinking of all those precious nutrients lost makes me sad. We eat veggies so we're healthier but buying it off the shelves seems to be sabotaging that. 
This is why I LOVE Thrive's broccoli! It's already cut and trimmed so there is ZERO waste.
With Thrive you will find it easy to get in your daily allotment of fruits and veggies, and to make healthy homemade meals in minutes. It's also tasty to eat right from the can and don't freak out when the kiddos as for their Thrive broccoli snack. It's real and it happens!
There are many benefits to eating broccoli and this is why you want the FRESHEST broccoli available! Thrive's broccoli is certified gluten free, doesn't contain GMOs, bioengineered ingredients, artificial colors or flavors.

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